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WAGMI (We are All Going to Make It) is a worldwide-known expression of the NFT community. But are we all going to make it?
In 2021, NFTs sales on the blockchain represented more than 40 billion dollars. At the same time, thousands of wanderers lived in complete misery in SF's streets, at the very center of Silicon Valley, where the blockchain was born.

The Cryptoless project highlights this striking contrast and proves that NFTs can be used for more than speculative purposes and help people to make it.

The collection is a series of portraits representing SF homeless people carrying a Wagmi sign. Every minute, the volume of Ethereum traded worldwide is updated and covers the eyes on the portraits. When you mint one NFT, you'll directly give to a local NGO to help the people in need and prove that Web3 is about community.

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amount of ethereum traded during the last minute : 0E - (0) $
amount of ethereum traded during the last minute : 0E - (0) $
amount of ethereum traded during the last minute : 0E - (0) $
amount of ethereum traded during the last minute : 0E - (0) $


450 unique NFTs
The Model
Price0.04 ETH
Remaining0 / 0
The Artist
Price0.04 ETH
Remaining0 / 0
The MJ23 Fan
Price0.04 ETH
Remaining0 / 0


120 unique NFTs and you’ll be part of the the Cryptoless DAO
The Merchant
Price0.1 ETH
Remaining0 / 0
The Pastor
Price0.1 ETH
Remaining0 / 0
The Spice Girls
Price0.1 ETH
Remaining0 / 0


30 unique NFTs, be part of the the Cryptoless DAO and receive a print version of your NFT
The Grandpa
Price0.4 ETH
Remaining0 / 0
The Happy One
Price0.4 ETH
Remaining0 / 0
The Dog Sitter
Price0.4 ETH
Remaining0 / 0

The golden state

The Centerpiece - 1 Unique NFT

Be part of the the Cryptoless DAO, receive a print version of the picture, have the possibility to meet the artists and be part of the next cryptoless edition

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WAGMI (We are All Going to Make It) is an acronym widely used in the web-3 ecosystem and the crypto and NFTs communities. This expression spreads a message of hope, aims to build confidence, and encourages the community not to lose hope. Mainly used in a financial sense, We Are Going to Make It is then understood as We Are Going To make money. This expression perfectly reflects the highly speculative trend of the NFTs market for the past 18 months, where everyone only aims to bet on the right horse.

While living in SF in early 2022, Antoine (the photographer) met a local association that helps California'''s homeless people: CityTeam. With their support, and while helping them, he started taking analog photos of the people in the streets carrying a WAGMI sign - Needless to say, they all were ok with it, and Antoine took the time to explain the project to all of them. (the full story here)

From these pictures, and with the help of many people, Antoine decided to create the Cryptoless project that aims to:

  • Leverage Art and Technology to highlight the striking contrast between the enormous financial(/speculative) gain around NFTs and the reality of SF's streets.
  • Re-center the NFTs to one of the web-3 initial core values: serving the community.

  • 80% of the NFTs primary and secondary sales will be redistributed to CityTeam through a donation made by The Giving Block so they can continue to help the people in need. The 20% remaining will be reinjected in the cryptoless initiative to pursue and export it to a different cause/city (the 151 owners of the Rare, SupeRare, and the Centerpiece will be part of the Cryproless DAO - Each one of them will be able to propose and vote for the city/social cause the project should focus on next)

    1. SF Collection

    2. Utilities

    3. The next collection

    4. And so on,

    10/10/2022, World Homeless Day

    Launch and mint of the first collection, composed of ten portraits. Every NFT is unique thanks to the dynamic filter updating the number on their eyes to show the volume of Ethereum traded during the last minute.

    October - November 2022

    4 different levels exist, allowing owners to have a print version of their picture, take part in the Cryptoless DAO to decide and vote for the next non-profit project, and more.

    End of 2022 / Early 2023

    We'll organize a new social project with the last 20% of the funds. Every member of the DAO can propose and vote for the next destination and cause to support.

    The future

    This initiative can become a collective project, with different artists and people involved in the decision. The only goal is to sensibilize on social causes and help people in need.



    Antoine is a 27 years old french analog photographer. He started analog photography while traveling by himself in India in 2017. Since then, he has been documenting his various trips (Asia, Africa, Europe) and everyday life (France, Egypt) through analog photography.

    In February 2022, Antoine finished his study with a three months program at UC Berkeley. He lived in SF and discovered California's beautiful sceneries and the sad reality of SF's and Tenderloin's streets. When he met Kurtis from CityTeam (also a Web-3 enthusiast), he started documenting the homeless situation on Tenderloin streets with an idea in mind: proving to the general audience that Art and NFTs can bring valuable outcomes to help social causes and people in need.



    Creating works that mainly involve the cultural scene of music, fashion & art. Kao is a multi-disciplinary artist/designer focused on creativity and personality. Creative director, brand designer & graphic designer to his core, he also creates engaging typographic work, editorial designs & websites. He has met Antoine through a mutual friend. As the pictures match his urban universe, it made perfect sense for him to collaborate and add his dough to this project.

    City team,

    CityTeam is a nondenominational Christian nonprofit created in 1957, serving its neighbors experiencing homelessness, poverty, hunger, and addiction. Today, with the help of volunteers and faithful donors, CityTeam is impacting the lives of over 500,000 people each year.

    Kurtis Moore (picture) is a program manager at City Team in San Francisco. Ex-homeless, Kurtis has managed to leave the street and decided to help the ones who are still struggling. Kurtis interview here.

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